Our Therapy Services

Our Approach

We offer individualized therapy programs to help children overcome a wide range of communication challenges including: receptive language delays, expressive language delays, articulation, childhood apraxia of speech, and reading/writing challenges.

Our Center takes a multi-sensory approach to improving speech and writing skills. Following the guidelines set forth in the Wilson Reading System®, we are able to implement an instructional strategy to help advance their skills. Our goal is to help children enjoy reading and enable them to learn at grade level.

Parental Involvement & Support

Parents are required to observe therapy sessions and help their child complete homework assignments. We believe that a team approach ensures carry-over skills and a momentum of progress.

Free of Charge

The San Bernardino Rainbolt RiteCare® Childhood Language Center is grateful for donations to help us provide the “Gift of Speech, One Voice at a Time™”. To make a donation, please visit: http://www.casr-foundation.org/how-to-help/ways-to-give/donate-foundation-childhood-language-center/ then select “San Bernardino” to benefit from your gift. Donations may be tax-deductible. Check with our tax advisor.