Frequently Asked Questions

What's typical for speech development?

By 1-2 years a child should follow simple directions, point to several body parts, combine two words, and ask simple questions.

By 2-3 a child should follow a two-step command, understand simple opposites, use 2-3 word sentences, and have a word for almost everything. The following sounds are produced: n, m, p, h, w, b.

By 3-4 a child should answer who, what, where, and why questions, talk about things he/she does, and use frequent sentences with 5 or more words. The sounds listed above should be present, in addition to k, g, i, d and ng. The child should be understood most of the time.

By 4-5 a child should pay attention to a story and answer simple questions about it. He/she should understand most of what is said at home and school. He/she should talk in detailed sentences and tell stories that sound the same as the rest of the family. Almost all sounds are mastered with the exception of a few (like /r/ and “th”).

Parents know their children best. If you are concerned about your child’s communication in any way, give our childhood Language Center a call. We are here to answer your questions and there is no charge.

What kind of services do you provide?

We offer speech/language services for children age 3 and older with a primary diagnosis of speech and language impairment.  We also offer literacy remediation (teaching a different way of learning to read/spell).  We do not offer reading tutoring (teaching toward a set standard of information).

How much does it cost?

Our Center is funded by the generous donations of the people of the Scottish Rite and by parents. Therefore this service is offered as a gift.  Any donation is greatly appreciated.

When are therapy sessions provided?

Services are two times per week for 50 minute sessions; which includes five minutes of parent time. The appointment time is the best time you can commit to bringing your child.  The more flexible you can be with your schedule the sooner an appointment time can be available for your child.

What is required of the parents?

Parents are required to observe therapy sessions and help their child complete homework assignments. We believe that a team approach ensures carry-over skills and a momentum of progress.

How do I get started?

You can click the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the page. Call the Center and leave your contact information.  The speech therapist will return your call as soon as possible.  During the phone call, there is a  brief review of your concerns, your child's needs, and available appointment times.  The first session is an evaluation. Evaluation results are reviewed with parent(s) before starting therapy.

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